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This week’s animal pictures: overweight animals

January 6, 2011

Earlier this week, Current Instincts’ resident cat, Paul, resolved to lose weight in the New Year. As it turns out, feline obesity is quite the problem: 40 percent of American cats are overweight. But they’re not the only ones. Most animals — even those in the wild — are fatter today than they’ve ever been, baffling scientists and dietitians alike. To help bring awareness to the animal obesity problem,  we’re featuring overweight — but still adorable — animals in this week’s animal pictures.

And if you have any diet tips for Paul — or for any other animal — please share your thoughts in our comments section below.


Creative Commons

Perhaps this big fella is bulking up for the Squirrel War?


Creative Commons

With everything his fellow birds have been through this week, we’re not going to give this guy much flack for being on the heavier side.


Creative Commons

It turns out we haven’t written about pigs on Current Instincts yet so all I have to say is …  big girl you are beautiful.

Sea lions

Creative Commons

These voluptuous sea lions look extremely cuddleable — and probably quite delicious to a badass polar bear.


Creative Commons

Large and in charge, this cat doesn’t have a real name — his owner’s simply refer to him as Fat Cat. Paul’s humans are jealous they didn’t think of that first.

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  1. Jack Weiland permalink
    January 7, 2011 11:09 am

    The picture of that squirrel is comic genius.

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