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Today’s news: A hero cat and bad news for animal haters

February 27, 2012

Here are some fascinating articles that the humans (and animals ) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Deportation for those accused of eating rare tortoises. In a transcontinental crime, 4 Chinese nationals find themselves facing deportation from Zimbabwe after they killed and ate 40 rare tortoises. The tortoises are on the endangered list, and the men face charges of animal cruelty. (BBC News)

Hero cat.

2. Cat rescues owner hours after adoption. The first day you bring your new pet home is always exciting. It’s even more exciting if that animal ends up saving your life. That’s just what Pudding the cat did a few hours after being taken to his new home. His new owner was having a diabetic seizure, and Pudding jumped onto her chest and swatted at her face until she came out of it long enough to yell for help. Two lives saved from just one adoption! (MSNBC)

3. Dingoes – How dangerous are they? One of Australia’s most famous and notorious cases is back in the news. In 1980, a couple’s baby disappeared, and they claimed a dingo took it. (Maybe a dingo ate your baby – in Elaine Bennis voice). With the story back in the news, many are trying to defend, or just better understand, how dangerous dingoes really are. Experts say that while all wild animals can be unpredictable, dingoes are normally shy and avoid interacting with humans. (BBC News)

4. Volunteers offer salamanders a chance to mate. Sometimes salamanders need a little help getting it on. That’s when humans come in. When it rains in Mississippi, volunteers rush outside to scoop up the salamanders and get them to the right side of the road so they can find other salamanders to mate with. The salamanders only get one chance a year to mate, so helping them get across when they need to is crucial. (The New York Times)

5. Arrests made in U.S. rhino horn smuggling ring. After an 18-month long investigation, 7 arrests were made in multi-state rhino smuggling ring. Authorities seized $1 million, diamonds, and Rolex watches in the raid. (BBC News)

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