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The humans behind the animals

Bianca Strzelczyk | Susan Torres | Jeff Miranda

Bianca Strzelczyk
Bianca Strzelczyk with Little GregBianca Strzelczyk is a new media journalist passionate about running, cupcakes and of course, animals. Her work has appeared on as well as in The Patriot Ledger and The Northeastern News. She lives in Boston with her dogs, Little Greg and Peggy Sue; cat, Paul; and boyfriend, Jack. Learn more about Bianca at

Email Bianca and follow her on Twitter @bgstrzelczyk.

Susan Torres
Susan Torres with a cowThe only thing Susan loves more than animals and the environment is hockey. She lives in Brooklyn with her cat Richter (named after a hockey player, obviously). She is currently the Digital Marketing Manager at New York Cares. When not tapping into the minds of animals, you can find her at the beach, at a Rangers game, or eating one whole thing of chips and salsa.

Learn more about Susan on, and follow her on Twitter at @susantorres35 and @NewYorkCares.

Jeff Miranda
Jeff with lionJeff Miranda is a stylish writer currently living in Atlanta. As a longtime animal lover, he’s been lucky enough to own dogs, hamsters, hermit crabs and even tad poles. He has contemplated vegetarianism several times over the years, but unfortunately enjoys chicken far too much. Since his big move down South, he’s discovered a newfound love for goat farms and hip hop music.

Please e-mail with story tips, ideas and/or fan mail and be sure to check out his blog,

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  1. Joanne Torres permalink
    October 20, 2010 4:45 pm

    Love the site. And what a talented writer Richter is.

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