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Fish are free to roam if they want to, all around the world

January 10, 2012

Just hangin out with my friends, all peaceful like.

What’s better than swimming around the ocean like a boss, going wherever the currents will take you? Knowing more of your friends will be swimming around with you. Now, in the U.S. at least, that’ll be the case. Today the United States became the first country to impose catch limits on every species it manages. The policy is designed to curb overfishing so that world fishing populations don’t collapse.

Not only is this a great shift in policy, but it was a bipartisan effort. Former President George W. Bush reauthorized the Magnuson-Stevens Act which governed all fishing in U.S. waters, and President Obama sealed the deal. Annual catch limits should be in place by the beginning of the 2012 fishing season.

Some of my fellow fishy friends will be protected for the first time. I’ve never gotten along with mahi-mahi (they’re presumptuous) but for the good of the ocean, I’m glad they’ll be safer to roam where they want. One important sounding guy even said that this provision “is probably the most important conservation statute ever enacted into America’s fisheries law.”

So thanks to everyone who worked to put this new policy in place. I’ll be happy to see more of my friends swimming around.

Frank the Fish

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