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Today’s news: ads for dogs, PETA’s is being rude again, and poachers are getting murdered

October 3, 2011

Here are some fascinating articles that the humans (and animals ) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Green coalition files lawsuit over U.S. Arctic drilling approval. Alaskan natives have joined forces with an environmental group to fight the U.S.’s approval of Shell Oil’s plans to drill in the Arctic. The suit aims to make the argument that Shell does not have a sufficient back-up plan in the event of a spill. An oil spill in the Arctic could be devastating to polar bears, bowhead whales, and more marine life. (Yale 360)

I iz in my oceans. Not wanting your oilz.

2. A license to kill poachers in India. What’s better? Killing rhinos and tigers or killing the poachers who are trying to kill lions and tigers? How about none, everyone just STOP IT. In one of India’s national parks, rhinos and tigers are making a huge comeback – because park rangers are allowed to shoot and kill poachers. We get the idea, but there really needs to be a better way to go about stopping poachers. (Grist)

3. Shark fans and victims unite against PETA. We totally understand that PETA has admirable goals, but their tactics are usually pretty out of line. Their latest stunt is especially messed up. The group has put up Billboards of a shark biting a human leg with the tag line “Payback is Hell. Go Vegan.” Shark attack victims, who are usually sort of awesome, find the ads insensitive. Even shark conservationists have come out against the ads and want them taken down. PETA says they simply want to emphasize that the biggest killers in the oceans are humans. (Discovery News)

4. Nestle creates first ad aimed at dogs. Nestle has launched the first-ever ad aimed specifically at dogs. The commercial emits a low-pitch noise that only dogs can hear. Not sure what the point of this is since dogs, as of yet, cannot buy their own dog food. (MSNBC)

5. Controversial dam shelved by Myanmar government. The dam project, which would have cost $3.6 billion dollars, has been cancelled. The proposed plan would have flooded 296 square miles and 90 percent of the power it produced would have been sent to China. An estimated 12,00 residents would have been displaced by the dam. (Yale 360)

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