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Today’s news: a mysterious mountain lion, telepathic puppies and zoo tigers that hunt

June 15, 2011

Here are some fascinating articles that the humans (and animals ) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Shark repellent hooks reduce accidental catches. Accidentally catching a shark while fishing is a huge problem – for everyone involved. Now scientists have created a hook to try and reduce these kinds of mistakes. The hooks use magnetism and shark-repellent metal to keep sharks away. (Discovery News)

2. Mysterious mountain lion killed in Connecticut. Finally something exciting to report from Connecticut! Wildlife officials think the mountain lion might have made it to New York and Connecticut in a matter of days. Since mountain lions aren’t native to Connecticut -and the eastern mountain lion was declared extinct earlier this year – officials think the big cat probably escaped from captivity. (MSNBC)

sad puppy

If you're sad I'm sad.

3. Dogs likely born with telepathy. A new study suggests that dogs are so in tune with our needs that they can literally read our minds. DUN DUN DUN. Any dog owner knows that your pet can tell when you’re depressed, sick, happy, or have cancer, and now scientists are starting to figure out how. They studied how wolves and dogs begged for food and found that they animals often went to the human who was the most attentive – showing that they could read human body language. (Discovery News)

4. Zoo tigers hunt prey for entertainment. A zoo in China is allowing visitors to watch tigers kill live animals. That’s kind of all we have to say about that. There’s a video, which can get pretty gross. (MSNBC)

5. Cats do what they want and roam where they want. Cats who have access to the outdoors may go farther than you think. House cats can roam up to five acres – but that’s nothing compared to feral cats who have been known to cover 370 acres. Scientists recently tracked a bunch of cats to see what they’re up to all day and were surprised at how far some cats travel. (Discovery News)

2 Comments leave one →
  1. June 16, 2011 2:37 am

    Of course animals read body language, that’s how they always know how to get what they want. I can’t believe it took a group of scientists to figure that out.

  2. June 16, 2011 12:11 pm

    The telepathic puppies story totally makes sense!

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