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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

May 31, 2011

In the wild, few things dare tangle with whales. Sure the rare giant squid will want a piece of our hulking mass, but besides that we tend to peacefully rule the oceans. The only time we really run into challenges is when it comes to humans.

Just wanted to come up, catch a breather, and say thanks!

Fortunately, some humans are trying to help us out. See, Western grey whales like myself, like to raise our babies in a specific part of the Western North Pacific. Proposed oil exploration in Russia would’ve totally cramped our style which is bad since there are only about 130 of us left! But now the Russian government has restricted when the oil exploring can happen so our calves won’t be bothered.

Right now, there are four offshore oil rigs near Sakhalin Island and everyone knows that exploring there stresses us out. And we really don’t like that, it’s hard enough to eat enough food in the ocean without having to worry about man-made seismic activity. So the fact that oil exploration near our favorite island will be restricted is great news.

Maybe with less oil exploring we can get to raising more babies!

Winnie the Western Grey Whale

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