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Today’s News: World’s oldest panda dies, feral camels run wild, and more

May 18, 2011

Here are some fascinating articles that the humans (and animals ) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

  1. Oldest panda in the world passes away As longtime panda lovers, this news greatly saddens us. At 34 years old, Ming Ming, believed to be the world’s oldest giant panda, died of kidney failure in a Chinese zoo. In honor of her memory, we direct you to one of our favorite tumblrs, Fuck Yeah Giant Panda. Fuck yeah, indeed. (The Huffington Post)
  2. Shanghai institutes one-dog ownership limit More sad news from China. Hoping to control the canine population and to lower the number of rabies infections, the country’s largest city has decided to impose a new rule on dog ownership, limiting one dog per family. This puts many of Shanghai’s dog owners in distress. The legislation goes into effect on Sunday. (MSNBC)
  3. Parakeets infiltrate London suburbs The Brits are in awe and a little concerned about the surge in parakeet sightings around London Town. Scientists are baffled by their population growth, and some are even comparing it to the iconic Hitchcock horror film, “The Birds.” Let’s hope they don’t decide to turn on humans! (The New York Times)
  4. Feral camels invade Australian Outback More than one million camels are roaming wild across the Australian Outback, causing a lot of damage to local ecosystems. Fun camel fact: They can chug 50 gallons of water in three minutes! Even on my thirstiest days, I could never match that amount. Oh and if you’re so inclined, you can track these camels via a website dubbed CamelScan. (Treehugger)


    "Let us run free and drink gallons of water!" - The camels.

  5. Tagging aims to protect marine wildlife During a recent gathering of conservationists in British Columbia, the significance of “biologging” as or as one person put it “the science of attaching things to animals and seeing where they go” was discussed in great detail. (Discovery News)
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  1. May 19, 2011 1:31 am

    Yeah, camels! I love these guys. They are cute and dangerous. I got to take pictures of one at a zoo and he actually mugged for the camera, I never had a more willing subject. Camels should get a cam like the eagles.

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