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This week’s animal pics: Top 10 world’s fastest land animals

April 28, 2011

These 10 creatures are ridiculously fast — and awesome, and therefore, they deserve to be honored in our weekly picture roundup.

10. Coyote. 43 mph.

9. Elk. 45 mph. This one kind of looks like Peggy Sue, no?

8. Cape Hunting Dog. 45 mph.

7. Quarter Horse. 47.5 mph. "I'll race ya!"

6. Springbok. 50 mph.

5. Wildebeest. 50 mph. Hydration is important.

4. Thomson's Gazelle. 50 mph.

3. Lion. 50 mph. This adorable cub is going to be ridiculously fast.

2. Pronghorn antelope. 61 mph.

1. Cheetah. 70 mph. DUH!

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  1. April 29, 2011 2:33 am

    Felines at the top, where they should be. Great photos, thank you for sharing and who knew coyotes were so fast, maybe they do stand a chance in South Dakota now that it’s legal to hunt them while driving a snowmobile.

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