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Today’s News: Tattoo’d pigs in peril, Chimp penises had spines, and more

March 11, 2011

Here are some fascinating articles that the humans (and animals ) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

  1. New Art Trend in China? Pigs Sporting Ink
    Tattoo'd Pigs In Peril


    We at Current Instincts are all about supporting the arts, but not at the cost of abusing animals. At Art Farm China, a Belgian man has been tattooing pigs with his own designs, and putting them on display for visitors. One pig has even been inked with a Louis Vuitton logo … Seriously, dude? Understandably, many animal rights activists are squealing in protest. America certainly gains plenty from China, but let’s hope this is one idea that isn’t exported Stateside. (The Daily Mail)

2. Study Reveals That Penises Once Had Spines How about this for sex ed? According to a recent “analysis of human, Neanderthal and chimpanzee genomes,” our male ancestors had some extra bone-age in their penises, which while increasing stimulation during sex, also likely caused genital damage to females. Fortunately, an evolutionary propensity for monogamy wiped out this particular piece of anatomy. Let’s hear it for chimps opting out of the skank trend. (Discovery News)

3. Great White Sharks Likely Endangered While these sea creatures have been terrifying movie audiences for decades, in reality, they’re far from omnipresent. The very first detailed figure about the species, which focused on the waters of central California, suggest there are about 220 great white sharks left in that area. It’s a significant finding because this region was commonly assumed to be the most populous home for the sharks. (Discovery News)

4. Cat Colony Aims To Charm Potential Pet Owners A government-run animal shelter in Maryland opened a “cat colony” to show our feline friends in a more relaxed, welcoming environment. According to the shelter supervisor, the cats have experienced less illness and stress as a result of their new home, and about 25 cats have been adopted since it opened in January. (The Washington Post)

5. Some Scientists Believe that Chickens Can Feel Empathy Evidence continues to pile up that the lone Current Instincts meat eater should probably turn to vegetarianism. Scientific research shows that chickens are capable of feeling empathy, which means that one is affected by the emotional state of another, which is most often credited as only a human trait. The groundbreaking work should hopefully impact the nature of animal welfare on farms and in labs. (The Daily Telegraph)

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Joanne permalink
    March 11, 2011 11:48 am

    I dont’ like tattooed pigs. It’s sad just looking at them. I hope at least they were put out when it was done. Let’s hope as you said, that this doesn’t catch on.

    • March 11, 2011 5:33 pm

      I just pictured a pig squealing while getting tattooed and it made me SO sad. 😦 Poor little guys.

  2. March 13, 2011 12:44 am

    How would one even think of tattooing a pig? This reminds of that nasty woman who was piercing kittens and selling them as goth cats. It’s just sick and wrong. I know China isn’t exactly known as being a humane place, so I’m sure this won’t be stopped. I hope it doesn’t catch on here.

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