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A big step back for puppy protection: Missouri may nix Prop B

March 10, 2011

This past November, Missouri voters cast went to the polls and voted in favor of Proposition B, which enacted stricter regulations of dog breeders. The bill — dubbed the Puppy Mill Initiative — didn’t propose anything crazy: It just wanted to ensure that breeders treat their pups humanely and provide them with basic necessities like clean water, plenty of exercise and space, and enough food. In addition, it reduced the number of dogs a licensed breeder could have down to 50.

No big deal, right?


Opponents of the bill argued incessantly that these initiatives would put them out of business. They basically threw a temper-tantrum.

And now certain Missouri politicians are trying to repeal Proposition B.  The issue may come up for debate in the state Senate as early as next week.

Frankly, we think this is ridiculous.

The bill passed by a majority vote in most districts. If each district’s senator and representative votes like his or her constituents in this potential hearing, then the repeal will fail in both the House and the Senate. In other words, the masses have spoken. What right do these politicians have to ignore the people they were elected to represent?

It’s disgusting. And undemocratic.

And let’s not forget about the puppies. There’s a massive puppy mill problem in Missouri.

While (as we’ve said before) we don’t want people out of work and we understand there are some good, licensed breeders, we have a hard time understanding how someone can HUMANELY care for more than 50 pups at one time. That’s a lot of dogs to feed, clean, and sell.

How do you keep it from turning into this:

From the Encyclopedia Britannica

So we beg you, Missouri politicians, please — listen to what your voters said — and not to what the top 2 percent are bitching about. Leave Proposition B alone.

Save the puppies.

For the up-to-the minute news about the state of Prop B follow @HumaneSociety on Twitter, and read more about ending puppy mills on Missouri for Dogs.

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  1. March 11, 2011 2:03 am

    It’s shocking and it’s happening all over this country. Politicians work for the people, but they all seem to think they work for their own agenda and the agenda of special interest groups and deep pockets. Shame on the lawmakers who proposed the repeal. Missouri is terrible with puppy mills. We get dogs in South Dakota that are rescued from these mills. Hopefully, the voice of the people will win this one.

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