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Finally! The recognition I deserve

March 1, 2011

Today, March 1, is the greatest day of the whole year — National Pig Day.

It’s the only day I truly get appreciated. All year long it’s pigs are stupid, pigs are messy, let’s just eat all the pigs we want.  But not today. Today you may actually learn a thing or too about us adorable, intelligent, hygienic pigs.

Not cute huh? I beg to differ.

Let’s dispel some misconceptions right away.

Misconception #1: Pigs are messy. You should stop comparing messy homes to a “pigsty” because we are actually very clean. You’re the ones keeping us in these conditions. We don’t sweat, so we roll around in the mud to keep cool. Frankly, I find this exponentially less disgusting than the gross, smelly sweating you guys do.

Misconception #2: Pigs are stupid. ERRONEOUS. We are some of the quickest animals to learn a new routine, some of the easiest to train, and we use tools. There are plenty of HUMANS who can’t do any of those things. We can learn to jump through hoops and many say we’re easier to train than those dogs you’re all so crazy about. So take THAT!

Who's prettier? Hard to choose.

Misconception #3: Pigs are ugly. You know who isn’t ugly? George Clooney. And he had a pet pig for most of his adult life. Would he associate with something ugly? No, no he wouldn’t. Ergo — pigs are beautiful.

I want to wish a very happy National Pig Day to all my pig friends around the world.

And humans, please spend this National Pig Day getting to know us a little better. You won’t regret it.

Patty the Pretty Pig

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