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This week’s animal pics: Critters from Brazil

February 24, 2011

A while back we asked our faithful readers to submit some animal pictures. No one responded, and then we cried. But then we felt better after one of our readers sent us some pictures of her dogs playing in the snow. Now we bring you a whole post full of pictures submitted by one of our readers and fellow animal blogger. Check out these critters in Brazil from Eleanor who writes about her cats and sees the following animals everyday.

These guys are "coatis."

CI writer Susan actually spent 3 weeks in Brazil a couple years ago but did not spot these guys. Apparently, they’re like a South American aardvark.


Beautiful butterfly, just straight chillin.

Either Eleanor has an awesome zoom or this guy just straight up don’t give a fuck.


Hummingbird baby in a nest.

We are now convinced that Eleanor is some kind of voodoo animal whisperer. Seriously, how did you get this amazing shot?!?!



Watching monkeys run across telephone wires is way cooler than squirrels, which is our only option here. But don’t tell them we said that, we don’t want to make them any angrier then they already are.


Urubu. Not messing around.

Urubu means vulture in Portuguese. Let’s hope they’re as open-minded as the vultures we have over here.

To see more of Eleanor’s fantastic photos, check out her blog, A Life Bewhiskered. And if you have some animal photos you’d like featured in our weekly roundup, send us an email!

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  1. February 25, 2011 3:00 am

    You’ve done it again; another beautiful collection of animal photos. I love that you don’t discriminate against any species. Keep up the great work.

  2. February 25, 2011 10:21 am

    Hi, thank you for posting my photos. 🙂
    The coatis live on corcovardo (the mountain in Rio where the Christ statue is). People go and feed them bread like big, cute, furry ducks.
    That butterfly was huge and it just stood there while we all took photos of it – I think it was enjoying the stardom!
    The baby hummingbird was so adorable. I hope we didn’t scare it too much. We were on holiday in the south of Brazil when we saw this, it was in a little tree outside our chalet. The mother hummingbird kept coming and going so we nipped over while she was gone and stole a few pictures. She did come back so we hadn’t scared her off completely.
    And that urubu scared the bejesus out of me – can you imagine looking out of your window one morning and seeing that thing staring back at you!?!

    • February 25, 2011 12:17 pm

      Thank you for sharing them with us! That train ride up to the Corcovado statue is so amazing! All kinds of creatures! It sounds like you’re a good animal observer and didn’t scare any of them off. Thanks for telling us more about these great pics!

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