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FREEDOM! Back to being king of the jungle

February 15, 2011

King of the jungle - back on top.

My life has not been easy, let me tell you. Being a performing animal in Bolivia is not as glamorous as it might sound. But thanks to some kind folks, I am now getting the treatment — and retirement — I deserve.

You see, 24 of my lion friends and I are being saved from horrible conditions in Bolivian zoos and are headed for the sweet life in The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, USA. Members from Animal Defenders International are helping us get to our new homes where we can roam free and not have to be subjected to entertaining for the amusement of humans.

Since we’ve always been fed and trained by humans, we can’t just go roaming back out into the wild — we’re city cats now.  So we’re going to be waited on hand and foot. Talk about being the king of the jungle again. Caring for us can get a little pricey, but thankfully, the ADI has done a great job of raising money so all our liony needs are met.

We’re so happy the Bolivian government was quick to answer the call to protect us big sick cats. Once animal abuse was uncovered, Bolivia became the first country in South America to ban the use of live animals in circuses and traveling shows. China also recently banned circuses, so hopefully I can expand my cultural horizons during my retirement and make some big cat friends from the east!

While Colorado is far from my original home, I’m looking forward to frolicking and doing as I please during my rehabilitation and retirement. Now hurry up and get me my antelope!

-Eduardo the Lion

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