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Veggie Tails: Foiled by a Burrito

February 9, 2011

Damn you, Burrito. Damn you to hell.

As it turns out, avoiding meat has been tougher than I expected. Did you know that turkey sandwiches have meat in them? I didn’t. Or at least, I totally forgot that turkeys count as meat. This sobering realization was quite a bummer when I knew that now my daily lunches were off-limits. I think this is one those times where Reality and Perception don’t match up. I often have said to myself, “I am not much of a carnivore.” But in truth and practice, I really am. Although I’m not gnawing on a thick steak every night, I still eat plenty of animals. As a friend pointed out to me when I told her about this little eating experiment, not eating A LOT of meat is far different than not eating meat at all.

So now, it’s confession time: Last night, I ate a burrito. But the problem is, this burrito had beef in it. Truthfully, I didn’t even realize it at the time.  I frequent Mexican restaurants on a fairly regular basis, so at this point, ordering meat-based burritos is more of a knee-jerk reaction than calculated decision. It was in celebration of a friend’s birthday, so in the midst of the music, the margaritas and the mayhem – well, the night was pretty tame, but I really like alliteration – I saw a familiar item on the menu, ordered it, and ate it. Yikes. Current Instinct Eating Experiment Fail.

I think the big takeaway here is that I’ve come to appreciate the difficulties of being a vegetarian, and now I give my vegetarian friends a lot more credit for sticking with it. It’s hard, even for someone like me, who truthfully, doesn’t eat a whole lot of meat. That being said, I’m going to put my adventures in Veggie Tails on hold, at least for now. Until I am truly ready to commit to a meat-free lifestyle, I don’t think I have the willpower to put a restriction on my dietary habits. So I’ll consider this a Lesson Learned. This decision does not change my support of animal rights or my commitment to Current Instincts. But I will acknowledge that I don’t necessarily see eating meat and being against animal cruelty as mutually exclusive positions. I am only human, after all. A human, who, I’ll rightfully admit, enjoys a beef burrito every now and again. But the next time I intend to embark on something as ambitious as cutting out meat-based products from my life, I’ll be sure to stay away from Mexican restaurants.

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