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Today’s news: lion tacos, a terrifying monkey and a sea otter mystery

January 26, 2011

Here are some fascinating articles that the humans (and animals) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Lion tacos off the menu. Ummm, what? A restaurant in Arizona has scrapped a plan to serve African lion meat in its tacos after hearing outrage from the community. Really guy, how could you not see that coming? (MSNBC)

2. Coral moves north to beat the heat. Did you know coral migrates? Well, sort of. The corals themselves don’t move, but their little baby coral offsprings have been migrating farther north in the waters around Japan. Researchers at the Center for Global Environmental Research in Japan found that of 9 coral species, 4 had moved north while 5 had stayed put. This might save the coral from warming temperatures, but it could wreak havoc on the ecosystem in their new location. (Discovery News)

Ready to go.

3. Nepal translocates first wild tiger. A wild tiger fitted with a satellite tracking device was relocated from Nepal’s Chitwan National Park to Bardia National Park for the first time. Conservation groups are hoping the handsome guy will help Nepal reach it’s goal of doubling it’s tiger population by 2022. Krishna Acharya, Director General of Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, says the Babai valley is an ideal location to release the tiger. Go tiger! Get procreating! (WWF)

4. Japanese monkey captured after cage break. This monkey is bad news. Seriously. The Japanese macaque, Lucky, has been in zoo jail since biting 120 people during a 2 month rampage. 120 PEOPLE! Who gave this monkey it’s taste for blood? Thankfully, Lucky was recaptured after a city official called her name. She apparently responds to her name, but not the horrified shrieks of the people she’s biting. (MSNBC)

It would be impossible for us to be any cuter, amirite?

5. Are shark bites killing California sea otters? More biting news! Despite thriving in other parts of the country, sea otters in the Aleutian chain and California have been struggling to make a comeback after coming close to extinction. But why? Some scientists are blaming killer whales, who usually chomp on sea lions, but with their numbers decreasing, the whales have expanded their diet to adorable sea otters. While there are a couple theories, scientists haven’t been able to say for sure what is causing the sea otter deaths. (Discovery News)

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