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This week’s animal pictures: A reader’s submission (!), another awesome vulture, and more

January 20, 2011

We at Current Instincts are VERY excited for our first reader submission photos — thank you, Nina Tryggvason from Random Ntrygg! This week’s animal pics feature images of her adorable pups as well as some of the animals that we’ve written about — and as — in the past week. So enjoy, and remember, we still want to see your animal pictures, so please send us an email or share them below!

Snow pups — reader photo

Too cute for words.

Too cute for words.

Seriously. We're dying of cuteness.

Seriously. We're dying of cuteness.


Nina writes on her blog, “my Golden Retrievers think that they are huskies. They might be huskies in gold drag – they certainly don’t retrieve anything unless it’s to trade my shoe for a treat.” We love it. Check out all her puppy pictures here.

The Pig

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Three (little?) pigs escaped from a farm in England and the owners have no idea where they could be. May we suggest checking the market?

The Lion

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

A Chinese circus allegedly forced a lion to stand on the back of a horse — for fun. We’re so happy the country has banned circuses in an effort to keep these — and all show animals safe.

The Vulture

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

OK, so we wrote about vultures last week, but Oliver is just so eloquent that we had to repromote his plea for love and equality. You really should read it.

The Shark

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

We just freakin love sharks — even if they’re color blind!

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  1. January 23, 2011 3:43 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I love the snow dogs, and I swear the pig is smiling! Thanks for posting.

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