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China bans all animal circuses – yay!

January 20, 2011

Why people think circuses are fun I will never understand. Clowns are creepy, the acts are pretty cheesy, and if I remember correctly, it smells bad and there are children crying the whole time. They are also, more seriously, frequently being accused of animal abuse. Well now there is good news for animals in China at least. The Chinese government has issued a ban on 300 state-owned zoos.

Tigers are just so awesome. I can't even handle it.

Whether you agree with circuses and zoos or not, you have to admit the ones in the U.S. sound like paradise compared to what animals in Chinese zoos live through, according to this Telegraph article at least. The language of the ban itself gives insight into the conditions at these zoos. Here are some pieces of the ban:

  • Force zoos to stop selling animal parts in their shops
  • Zoo restaurants will have to stop serving dishes made out of rare animals
  • Zoos will no longer be able to pull the teeth of baby tigers so that tourists can hold them
  • Zoos will have to stop attractions where live chickens, goats, cows and even horses are sold to visitors who can then watch them be torn apart by big cats

Wow. Worst. Zoo. Ever. More animal abuse horror stories include live monkey fight shows, and an instance where a lion was forced to stand on the back of a horse. The ban comes after a 3-month investigation by China’s State Forestry Bureau uncovered more than 50 zoos where animals were suffering because of severe abuse.

While the banning of these shows is definitely good news, some warn that there are loopholes worth keeping an eye on. Non-state owned zoos, as of now, have not been informed about the ban and these zoos will be monitored by the Animal Welfare Director at Animals Asia.

Since China isn’t exactly known for it’s openness, it’ll be interesting to see what will come of this ban. But it’s definitely a start. Let’s hope these animals find good homes and no more animals are subjected to this abuse.


Check out the ASPCA’s website to see what you can do to fight circus animal abuse here in the U.S.

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  1. January 21, 2011 1:42 am

    U.S. ciruses may not be as bad as those in China, but I haven’t been to one in almost 10 years. It’s just not right to take wild animals and enslave them for entertainment purposes. Those elephants and big cats aren’t happy being couped up. Domestic dogs and cats can perform amazing tricks and should replace all wild animals in circuses. If enough people refuse to attend these shows, they will be forced to change. I don’t think they’ll change on their own.

    • January 21, 2011 2:05 pm

      I agree! I think no-animal circuses are the way to go. We should just let the animals be animals.

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