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Week 2: I love diet food

January 18, 2011

Paul, Current Instincts’ resident fat cat, has resolved to lose weight in 2011. Last week, Paul did his research and learned about diet and exercise. Here he recaps Week Two of his journey to become a more svelte, sexy feline.


Dearest fans –

My journey to find the perfect diet food has been long and grueling — but finally, it’s over.

I was obviously skeptical at first (see upper left photo) but man, do I love Wellness Healthy Weight! (Granted I’m a little offended they called me “weight-challenged” but I’ll let that slide … for now.) It’s delicious and healthy and it’s going to make me a lean, mean fighting machine — I’m already practicing my ninja skills on one of the resident fleabags. (Once I perfect my moves, I’ll share a video.) Plus, it’s supposed to keep me fuller, longer so maybe I’ll actually let the humans sleep through the night for a change…

… or maybe not. Mwahahahah.

— Paul the Cat


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  1. January 18, 2011 12:06 pm

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa, that first photo is AWESOME.

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