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I’m not endangered – just shy!

January 18, 2011

Doodoodoo nothing to see here, just a big rare cat out for a stroll. Keep walking people!

Hi guys! It’s me, Bonnie the Borneo bay cat! I see you caught a picture of me again – congrats! I’m so elusive that must’ve been really hard for you to do. I don’t know why you’re so keen on taking my picture all the time, I’m not really a fan of being around humans after all, but I guess you have your reasons.

In fact, I’m so shy, we’ve barely had any contact at all. Just 12 encounters in all of humankind! So I can see why you might’ve been worried about us. But fear not, we’re doing pretty okay for ourselves here in the Sabah forest in Malaysian Borneo. I mean, there aren’t a ton of us, we’re pretty rare which is what makes us so special, but there’s definitely no need for concern. We’re basically just the ninjas of the big cat world – we’re stealth and very secretive. In fact, I might have said too much already.

Well it’s back into the dense forest for me. Don’t come looking for me, in about 6 years I’ll walk in front of your camera again just to let you know we’re still around. Oh, and thanks for trying to get all those nature reserves set up for us! We’d love to have more room to sneak around, Borneo is after all, the only place us Borneo bay cats live (really creative on naming us by the way) so we’d like to keep the place nice and logger free. That would be great if you could do that for us. Later!

-Bonnie the Borneo bay cat

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