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This week’s animal pictures: baby animals

January 13, 2011

Yesterday, we asked Current Instincts’ readers to send us their photos of animals in snow. We got zero submissions, which made us a little sad.  So to cheer up, we spent the morning looking at pictures of baby animals, and to make you love us more, we’re sharing our favorites with you.

(What’s that? You hate cute stuff? Then check out these badass beasts.)


Creative Commons

This little guy wouldn’t mind having two dads. Vultures love who they want to love.


Creative Commons

Just by looking at this pup we can tell he’s a ball of energy, which is why you need to be extra careful if you decide to let him off leash.


Creative Commons

This baby turtle is much safer now that two turtles smugglers have been arrested.


Creative Commons

This peaceful kitten seems to be the perfect weight, but not all cats are so lucky. Check in on how Paul’s weight loss is going.


Creative Commons

Let’s hope this happy little elephant never develops a drinking problem.


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