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Today’s news from the animal kingdom: squirrels have a lot of sex, polar bears can be saved, and Paris Hilton does a good deed

December 17, 2010

Here are some fascinating articles, videos, and slideshows that the humans (and animals) at Current Instincts are reading and watching today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Squirrels are sluts. A female red squirrel mates with up to 14 hunky male squirrels a day — but it’s not because she loves nuts. Squirrels are promiscuous girls because they’re surrounded by males who are ready and willing to go at it all day, everyday, and far be it from a squirrel to deny another squirrel a good time. We just hope they’re using protection because STDs don’t discriminate against animals. (Discovery News)

2. This cat’s ridin’ dirty. We couldn’t think of a better way to follow up squirrel sex than with a cat on a turtle. You may be wondering, “What’s so dirty about riding a turtle?” Well, for starters, have  YOU ever ridden on a turtle?

Polar Bear photo by Richard IJzermans

Please help me save me.

3. The SICKEST polar bear slideshow EVER. Plus the message behind it is also quite sick. A new study found that while we’re still a long ways away from guaranteeing the survival of polar bears, if greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, the polar bear’s disappearance isn’t inevitable. But scientists also warn that it’s going to take a lot of work — and even then, there’s no guarantee.  So let’s all do our part to help save the polar bears because they truely are one of the earth’s coolest looking — and most badass — creatures. And we don’t want to  live in world without them. (Discovery News)

4. Santa Claus is coming to town. We always knew the big guy was an animal lover — he does own eight reindeer after all. But he’s really going above and beyond this year. On Saturday, Mr. Claus will stop by Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure in Salina, Kan. to hand out holiday goodies to the zoo’s animals — regardless if they’ve been naughty or nice. (Salina Journal)

5. Paris Hilton adopts a new dog. We have to give props to the blonde heiress for adopting instead of buying a Chihuahua and for volunteering at an animal shelter in Vegas. Nice work, Miss Hilton. (

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