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This week’s animal pictures: around the world

December 16, 2010

We were all over the animal kingdom this week, from the seas, to the jungles and even the highway. Here’s a look back at what a crazy road its been.

The Gorilla

Gorillas are so happy about making a comeback in the jungle – that they just gotta dance about it.

The Sea Lion

Maybe if this sea lion had it’s eyes open he wouldn’t have gotten lost on the highway.

The Pitbull

Can you imagine hurting this little guy? Yeah neither can we, which is why we’re still mad at Michael Vick.

The Panda

This panda needs lots of bamboo-nutrients. She’s got a lot of breeding to get done.

The Fish

Sleeping with the fishes is going to have a whole new meaning. Fish feel pain, and they bring the pain.

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