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I’ll show you pain

December 14, 2010

You don't know the meaning of pain. Yet.

You think it would be a no brainer that a creature that is living, breathing and generally existing would feel pain when we die, are hurt or murdered. But noooooo you humans thing you’re soooo special and you’re the only ones who feel pain and everyone else is inferior to you. Well guess what? We do feel pain! A lot of it! So get your hooks out of my house and leave me alone. (For the record, we also feel pleasure. Intense, fishy-pleasure.)

You know the phrase “sleeping with the fishes”? You’re going to be all too familiar with it when I’m done with all you dumb humans who thought you could just abuse and chomp on us without consequence. I especially take issue with all you “pescatarians” who don’t eat meat but will eat seafood. What the hell is that? Are we not cute enough to be spared? Do you think we want to be your dinner? How come it’s okay to eat other animals and not us? Now that you know that we definitely feel pain, I better not catch you eating us or it IS ON.

Why do you think we swim so fast? The ocean is dangerous – it’s filled with other fish who can’t wait to eat us WHICH HURTS A LOT. We have enough to worry about, what with avoiding sharp coral, sharks, abandoned treasure chests, the last thing we need to worry about is getting caught on one of your hooks or nets. Those hooks are sharp and do not come out easily.

So if you really care about not hurting other animals, do not forget those of us who live under the sea. We feel pain, and we will bring the pain. You’re on notice.

-Frank the Fish

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