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Wacky gifts for animal lovers, part one

December 9, 2010

Not sure what to get the animal lover in your life? Current Instincts can help. For the next two weeks, we’ll be featuring some unique animal-centric gifts that we’re pretty sure your friends and family don’t own. Here are our first five picks — all under $20.

For squirrel supporters:

Squirrels are No. 1!

Squirrels are No. 1!

Know someone on the side of squirrels in the current Squirrel War? Can you think of a better way from them to show their support than with these (slightly creepy?) earrings from Animal Den. Yeah, we can’t either. Price: $14.

For elephant enthusiasts:

Elephants: The ultimate symbol of drunken debauchery

Elephants know how to party.

This stainless steel flask from Kyle Design is the perfect gift for the party animal in your life since nothing represents drunken debauchery better than an elephant. Price: $22.95.

For the eel lover:

Eels are gangsta -- and you can be too.

Eels are gangsta -- and you can be too.

Eels love things that shine. Help them spread the light — and their general awesomeness — by getting this  license plate frame from for the ray of sunshine in your life. Price: $14.99

For fish fans:

Fish have been known to do some pretty nasty things.

Fish have been known to do some pretty nasty things in the water.

Fish invented sex — and they’re pretty pissed no one recognizes the fact. Educate the world on doing it fishy style with this bumper sticker from Get one for yourself — and for everyone you know. You won’t regret it. Price: $5.

For cat crazies:

Cats rule.

For the king of cats.

Richter and Paul have made it clear on multiple occasions that cats rule, everyone else drools. We all know that the crazy cat ladies — and crazy cat dudes — agree and so we’re sure they’d love this black cat tiara from (Yes, it’s technically for children, however, adult heads aren’t THAT much bigger. Worst case scenario — they can just put it on their cat’s head.) Price: $3.50.

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