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Today’s news from the animal kingdom: tiny chameleons, sperm whales peacing out, and red foxes are back

December 8, 2010

Here are five fascinating articles that the humans (and animals) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Seeing tiger stripes across Sumatra. Tigers have been all over Current Instincts of late, but there’s lots of news about them that we need to update you on! It’s recently been discovered that Sumatra might hold the second highest tiger population. The Wildlife Conservation Society worked with groups in Indonesia to determine where the tigers main habitats are. (Discovery News)

2. Snakes on a plane. There are waaaaaay too many stories of people sneaking animals onto planes. The latest one comes from Abu Dhabi, where police there say a man carried a bag filled with snakes and other animals onto an 8 hour flight from Indonesia to Abu Dhabi. The traveling zoo wasn’t discovered until after the plane had landed. (MSNBC)

Thanks for the ride man.

3. Super-tiny chameleon photographed in Madagascar. Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas was strolling through the jungle and somehow didn’t step on this little guy. The Brookesia Chameleon only grows to about an inch when full grown. (Treehugger)

4. Sperm whales peaced out of the Gulf. Sperm whales got the hell out of Dodge after the Gulf Oil Spill. Researchers using acoustic surveying equipment, which was placed in the gulf 9 years ago for research, recently discovered that some whales were missing. Scientists had known of five sperm whales in the area and now think the number has dropped to two. Sperm whales know what’s up. (Discovery News)

Here I come to save the species.

5. Two more red foxes confirmed in the U.S. Two Sierra Nevada foxes, once thought extinct, have been spotted by federal wildlife biologists. They believe the foxes are related to Sierra Nevada foxes in Yosemite National Park. DNA samples taken from the foxes suggest a diverse to indicate that there is a “fairly strong population.” Yay foxes! (MSNBC)

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