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Today’s news from the animal kingdom: parties for turkeys and lots of tiger news

November 24, 2010

Here are five fascinating articles that the humans (and animals) at Current Instincts are reading today. Did we miss something major? Let us know below or send us an email.

1. Animal fans have Thanksgiving feast for turkeys. Ever feel bad for the big bird everyone cooks up for Thanksgiving? Well some people do, and they throw feasts for their turkeys and have awesome fun turkey parties with them. Four-time NBA championship winner John Salley attended one of these parties and said “I was invited to a meat-free Thanksgiving party in the Hollywood Hills. Pamela Anderson was there and they had this live turkey walking around in the front garden. That’s when it really hit me — I got more of a kick out of meeting this turkey than I ever would from eating it.” Best quote ever. (WSJ)

I like to party.

2. Tiger poop could help save endangered species. By tracking tiger poop, scientists could get a better idea of how many tigers are left and where they’re living. Knowing the exact number of tigers left, now estimated at around 3,200, goes a long way in helping to save them from extinction. (

3. Leonardo DiCaprio donates $1 million to save the tigers. Today is the last day of the “tiger summit” in Russia, and Leo showed up to give a helping hand. He pledged $1 million to conservation efforts to help fight poaching and trafficking. As if you needed another reason to love this guy. My heart will go on indeed. (Christian Science Monitor)

4. Flying snakes’ secret revealed. Ummm, there’s such a thing as flying snakes? I’m not ok with that. Are they on a plane? Apparently, there are some snakes that can fling themselves from 50 feet in the air and land safely on the ground. Now scientists have figured out how they do it, but I find the thought of flying snakes too terrifying to worry about how they actually accomplish this feat. (MSNBC)

5. Wild coyotes on the loose in Chicago. Don’t worry, he’s on the job. Chicago has been putting coyotes to work, hunting “nuisance” animals like rats, mice, and rabbits throughout the city. The coyotes are part of a study documenting where the coyotes go and other behavioral patterns. Maybe so, but I’m pretty sure I’d cross the street if I saw a coyote coming. (Discovery News)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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