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This week’s animal pictures: sleeping animals

November 18, 2010

With all the crazy stories that we’ve been sharing, it may seem like the animal kingdom rarely sleeps. But when it does, it’s pretty darn cute.  Check out the pictures below to see the super adorable, sleeping versions of some of the animals we’ve written about — and as — this past week.

The Polar Bear

Sleeping Polar Bear

Creative Commons

In addition to sleeping, eating, and being badass, polar bears also love hockey.  So when we wanted to feature an unbiased assessment of the current NHL season, it was only natural for us to turn to the big PB.

The Dog and Cat

Sleeping cat and dog

Creative Commons

Paul the Black Cat and Peggy Sue the Dog were found in a similarly scandalous position this week.  Richter the Cat is pissed, and considering the debate the two felines had a few days ago, rightfully so.

The Tiger

Sleeping tiger

Creative Commons

Sleeping or awake, tigers are ridiculously awesome.  In fact, they’re so awesome that leaders from around the world are holding a three-day Tiger Summit to figure out a way to save these gorgeous cats from extinction.

The Hippo

Sleeping Hippo

Benjamin Radzun/Creative Commons

Hippos may get a bad rap for being aggressive and/or lazy but one hippo proved that stereotype false when she saved not one but two non-hippo animals from drowning late last week.

The Sea Lion

Sleeping sea lion

Martin Fisch/Creative Commons

Another heartwarming story from the non-sleeping animal kingdom. A mother sea lion adopted orphaned pups — and the resulting pictures are too cute for words.

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