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Can a farm animal get a vet please?

November 4, 2010
Photo provided by Creative Commons

Seriously, you could walk faster than this.

Who doesn’t love horses? We’re big, beautiful, and powerful. We’re an amazing symbol of America. We represent cowboys, the middle plains, and taking advantage of tourists in cities. Doesn’t get more American than that. But we’re facing a crisis that is almost never addressed: There is a significant shortage of veterinarians qualified to take care of large farm animals. Only 2 percent of veterinarians graduating in 2010 will be qualified to work with “non-pet animals.” Two percent! That’s what, like 10 people? (Ok, I don’t really know — I am just a farm horse — but I imagine it can’t be many!)

Obviously, pets are a big part of people’s families. But so are farm animals! A horse saved Portia de Rossi’s life. And have you ever heard a little kid begging for a “cat ride” at a county fair? Yeah me neither. We deserve vet visits, too.

Photo provided by Creative Commons

Look at how regal I am.

I didn’t really want to go here, but a lack of large animal vets can also hurt your food supply. Less veterinarians in slaughterhouses ::shudder:: means less safe food for everyone. So clearly, this is an issue that effects everyone.

Being a veterinarian is an extremely rewarding career. If you’re thinking of becoming a vet, consider being one for large animals. You’ll be helping out a lot of animals, and you’ll barely have any competition — a huge plus in this economy. Win – win!

– Henry the Farm Animal Horse

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