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Proposition B Passes in Missouri

November 3, 2010
Photo provided by Creative Commons

Sleep tight pup - new regulations are on the way!

Proposition B, a citizen-initiated law addressing regulations on dog breeders, passed by 51% in Missouri last night. Breeders will have a year to come into compliance with the new regulations.

We at Current Instincts are thrilled this law passed, but are also a little shocked it was this close.

The new regulations ensure that breeders have no more than 50 breeding dogs, have their dogs examined by a veterinarian at least once a year, clean the dogs pens at least once a day, and more measures to keep the dogs healthy. Doesn’t sound too radical right?

As we mentioned yesterday, some breeders were opposed to the plan because they believed it would “turn everyone into vegetarians” or “bring about the end of the livestock industry” which sane people will argue makes no sense. And while you might think Missouri is far away and this law won’t effect you, it’s very possible you got your pet store dog from a breeder in Missouri since 1 in 4 pet store dogs were bred there.

So congratulations to the Humane Society and all the supporters of Prop B. Here’s hoping this new law will keep more dogs safe and healthy.

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