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Vote for humans – not animals

November 2, 2010

Today is election day in the United States, when literally hundreds of people go to the polls to express their political views. You will vote for either a Democrat or a Republican, or if you really want to mess things up, the third-party candidate who has no chance of winning.

Who you will not be voting for is an actual donkey or elephant.

Photo from Creative Commons

My political views are much more nuanced than you give me credit for.

Dan and I are crossing party lines to express our desire to stop being used as symbols for the Democratic and Republican parties. It is a well known fact in the animal kingdom that most elephants are libertarians and most donkeys are communists. Did you ask either of us of our political tendencies when you ambushed us and used our likeness as representative of your parties? No, you didn’t. You just slapped our outlines on some t-shirts and stickers and called it a day.

Photo from Creative Commons

Yeah I'm adorable, but using me as a political symbol doesn't make much sense.

When you really think about it it doesn’t even make sense. Do Democrats want to be known as stubborn pack mules? Do Republicans want to be known as big game that charge wildly through the jungle? Don’t get me wrong, we’re two totally badass animals, but from a political perspective, it doesn’t make much sense.

One’s political beliefs cannot be shoehorned into one symbol or tag line. So go vote today, but make sure you choose a candidate based on the issues, and not a wild animal.

– Dan the Donkey and Elliot the Elephant


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