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This week’s animal pictures: monkeys, zebras, elephants, and more

October 28, 2010

We’ve written as — and about — some exotic and/or adorable creatures this past week.  Check out the pictures below to put a face to a name.

The Zebra


Zebra photo by belgianchocolate/Creative Commons

Photo by belgianchocolate/Creative Commons

Our zebra, Ezra,  wrote a column in defense of sexy bunny costumes for Halloween. The smiling zebra here thought it was hysterical.

The Capuchin Monkey


Capuchin monkey photo by Maryatexitzero/Creative Commons

Photo by Maryatexitzero/Creative Commons

Capucine, the capuchin monkey, stated in his column that he’s the animal kingdom’s top director. If that’s true, then we bet the pensive fella here is quite a fan.

The Desert Lizard


Desert Lizard photo by Tina Lawson/Creative Commons

Photo by Tina Lawson/Creative Commons

Bob the Lizard isn’t worried about the severe droughts that will soon hit earth. In fact, he wrote in his column that he and his fellow lizards (including the dude pictured here) are pretty psyched for it.

The Elephant


Elephant photo by icelight/Creative Commons

Photo by icelight/Creative Commons

Did you know that elephants masturbate? We featured this story in Wednesday’s edition of  Today’s News from the Animal Kingdom. (Makes you look at this guy a whole different way, doesn’t it?)

The Miniature Pinscher


Miniature Pinscher by photo by Marabuchi/Creative Commons

Photo by Marabuchi/Creative Commons

The pup pictured above may not walk on his hind legs like LuLu, the min pin featured in Wednesday’s edition of Today’s News from the Animal Kingdom, but he is pretty darn handsome.

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  1. Jack Weiland permalink
    November 2, 2010 2:12 pm

    HAHAHA that monkey is PISSED!!!

  2. November 2, 2010 2:31 pm

    Thanks for the comment, Mr. Weiland! We appreciate your thoughts. Hope you keep reading!


  1. Just found out that my favorite capuchin was published -- Lighter than Air

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