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COUNTERPOINT: Bunny costumes are terrible

October 28, 2010

On Monday, Ezra the Zebra wrote a stirring editorial defending the proliferation of sexy “bunny” costumes at Halloween. Today, Brenda the bunny weighs in on the controversy.


Pictured: An accurate depiction of a bunny

I think I speak for bunnies everywhere when I say: bunny costumes are not awesome, they are a misrepresentation of bunnies and all that we stand for. I know my colleague Ezra the Zebra recently defended bunny costumes as a Halloween costume for humans, but I vehemently disagree. And I am a bunny, so my opinion counts for more.

Do you humans think you’re actually representing bunnies when you put on these “bunny” costumes? You never chomp adorably on grass or a carrot. You don’t hop along in meadowy fields. You brazenly chug alcohol and pizza and the only hopping you do is from bar to bar. Neither of these things are adorable – and I clearly know adorable. Bunnies everywhere are ashamed by your actions every October 31st. The shame usually lingers until Easter.

Bunny ears and a leotard do not a bunny make. There’s way more to us than that. We’re a family-oriented species and we’re very observant. We’re very good at scanning overhead for threats. None of this is exhibited when you put on your bunny costumes. We don’t like our image being hijacked every year so you can look “sexy.”

There are plenty of other things that are, on a day-to-day basis, not sexy that you can make sexy for Halloween. So please, stick to your own species, and leave us adorable bunnies alone.

Happy Halloween!

-Brenda the Bunny

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  1. Joanne Torres permalink
    October 28, 2010 12:20 pm

    After reading both articles I have to say that I agree with Brenda. All the bunny wanna be’s just don’t pull off cuteness like the real thing. Halloween isn’t about being cute anyway. It’s about ghosts, and gobblins and monsters and scary stuff, like the number one costume this year…Lady GaGa. Now those people get it. I must admit that I too am guilty of this cutesy costume. When my first born had her first Halloween, what do you think she was? A bunny. I’m so ashamed.

    • October 28, 2010 1:00 pm


      I was clearly the exception. I’m sure I made an adorable bunny.

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