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Barepaw: The way nature intended dogs to run

October 27, 2010

Running sneakers are dumb.

I’m not talking about your human Nike’s. I’m talking about this:

Photo of dogs in sneakers by Ed Yourdon/Creative Commons

(Photo by Ed Yourdon/Creative Commons)

Do you see what these canines are wearing? Yup,  dog sneakers.

A countless number of websites are selling dog shoes to protect our paws and provide traction. Provide traction?! Have you seen our paws? I’ve hiked with my humans on multiple occasions, and while they’re cautiously descending  the mountain — carefully placing one shoe-clad foot in front of the other so they don’t slip — I’m sprinting ahead like it ain’t no thing.

Greg the Dog

Greg the Dog thinks shoes are dumb.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem when dogs wear shoes for safety sake. There are a handful of days in the year when our paw pads suffer from the elements: It definitely hurts to walk on hot sidewalks and salted snow. (In these cases, my humans put these PAWZ reusable boots on me.) But otherwise, there’s no need for them, and a lot of dogs get stuck wearing shoes because YOU think they look cute or sporty or they match your outfit. That’s just nonsense. If you want to dress something up, buy a Barbie doll.

I run almost every morning with my humans — on sidewalks, streets, trails, and more — and my paws look and feel great. So while I can’t settle the human barefoot running debate, I sure as hell can settle the dog one: we’re dogs, not dolls — keep the shoes off.

— Greg the Dog

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