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What do you think of Current Instincts?

October 26, 2010

We here at Current Instincts think our first week was fantastic. But what do you think? Here’s a brief recap of some of the features we ran this week. Let us know what you think of each one!

Animals remarking on current events: This feature is the basis of the site. We take the point of view — and voice — of an animal and comment on things in the news now.  Example: The heat is on

Today’s news from the animal kingdom: A compilation of interesting animal articles from around the web, this feature runs every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Example: Breast cancer in pets, a giraffe in love, and a seeing-eye donkey

Animal pics of the week: A Thursday post where we share the images of some of the animals we’ve written about — or as — in the previous week.  Example:  Horn shark, wolverine, hyrax, and more

Breaking news posts: These write-ups alert you to any unusual events happening in the animal kingdom at the moment. Example:  Man sent to jail for loving dog too much

Animal obits: A feature that honors the lives of animals after they have passed. Example: Spike, the betta fish with character, dies at 1

Poll winner column: At the end of every Today’s News post, we ask you which animal you want to hear more from. We then feature a post from that animal.  Example: I am more talented than all of you


If you have any additional feedback that will help Current Instincts become a success, let us know in the comments.

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