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Animal Abusers Now on a Short Leash

October 20, 2010

Seriously, how cute am I while I'm sleeping?

One day in June 2009, when I was still a wee kitten weighing no more than 3 pounds, I was placed in a crate with my brothers and sisters and brought to an animal shelter. Little did I know when I got there that someone would already be waiting there for the opportunity to adopt a kitten.

As sad as I was to say good-bye to my siblings, it quickly became apparent that I was a lucky shelter animal. I was promptly given food, a place to go to the bathroom, and a mouse that was a little bit too easy to catch. I bonded with these humans who had chosen me instantly, falling asleep on the oldest female’s lap later in the evening when I was tired of playing and sleeping on a bed next to the one who kept referring to me, quiet stupidly, as “my special baby boy.”

I like to think that the brothers and sisters I barely remember are as lucky as I was in their adoptions. Unfortunately, many pets aren’t. A lot of animals get abused every year. Which is ridiculous because look at how cute I am! Can you imagine someone abusing me? I mean I know I occasionally bite the hand that feeds me (literally) but I also look SUPER cute when I need a belly rub and have you seen me pounce on a balled up piece of paper? Come on! I even amaze myself at how cute I am sometimes.

But the worst part about animal abuse is that people who hurt animals can just walk back in to the adoption shelter and adopt more! Well no more, at least in one part of New York. (I’ve been told I live in New York. I keep hearing that I need to become a “Brooklyn cat” whatever that means). A town in Strong Island has passed a law that would create an animal abuse registry similar to Megan’s Law. This is great news, even for you humans. If someone’s willing to hurt a cat that just curls up adorably on the couch, imagine what he would do to a disgusting, brutish human!

The law states that anyone who is convicted of abusing animals will have to register on a public website so anyone can look up who’s on it. This is great news for pets everywhere. Even if you live in a great home, like me, some animal abusers have been known to steal pets. And this could go a long way in making sure animal abusers aren’t allowed to adopt more pets.

I live in the lap of luxury – square meals everyday, a great window sill to sit on, all the toys a cat can dream of. Maybe this law will help other pets only get placed in great environments like mine. I have to go lick myself now.



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